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Whilst most high profile (and extremely expensive) SEO companies are lost chasing penalties that don’t exist, hunting out penguins, pandas and father christmas updates, this is one of the few men speaking plain clear sense. The world of SEO has changed drastically in a very short time and I believe an awful lot of people are still preaching advice from the 1990s. We’ve been waiting for somebody like this since April 2012 when our site lost most of it’s traffic overnight; and we finally found him in October 2013. Although we’ve lost a lot of money, and a whole year with a high profile US SEO company (I won’t mention their name), who sent our site on a downwards spiral (and charged us for Panda and Penguin reports that did not help); we’ve already in just 2 weeks with this man made some huge improvements. About 50% more daily impressions in the Google Webmaster Tools already. And we didn’t have to sign any contracts or wait 6-9 months for the action to start. This is a very intelligent man, who certainly knows exactly what he is talking about, and is extremely patient and cares about the work he does. I didn’t think we would ever find somebody who actually wanted to help us. Thanks Anshul, we appreciate everything you’ve done so far and we’d like more! Nicholas


Anshul is an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and determined man with an extensive knowledge of website marketing. His background includes programming which helps him to not only recommend actions to improve the visibility and conversion rate on your website(s) but he also understands the position of the website programmer who has to execute these recommendations. Anshul has helped us turn around a website took a downturn at the end of 2011, a website that two major US internet marketing companies gave up on. This man thinks out of the box and is not scared by mysterious Google algorithm updates – he applies logic and reason with recommendations on usability as well and the results roll in very quickly. No need to wait 6-9 months for the results with this man, he turned around our site in less than 8 weeks. In an SEO world stuffed with people talking nonsense, recommending backlink projects and other outdated methodologies, I can fully recommend this man with my hand on my heart. He’s a needle in a haystack Nick Christou