BlueFinik is an internet marketing company formed by marketing enthusiasts who help you to stand out from the crowd.

BlueFinik understands how your audience search your products and services online. We combine this information with competitive intelligence to develop an SEO strategy which empowers your marketing messaging, marketing strategy, value proposition and content strategy aimed at providing what your audiences find most valuable.

BlueFinik helps you drive traffic and conversions through its customized searcher behaviour analysis, technical SEO audit, website architecture and content strategy development targeted towards your business goals. This helps you in discovering missed opportunities, expanding your market and driving relevant traffic and revenue.   Meet us: Anshul

Blue Finik Code of Ethics

  1. Tell it like it is. You can count on us to be honest and straightforward in our assessments and deliverable.
  2. We will only accept clients who have problems we can solve.
    If we aren’t the consultancy for your problem, we’ll tell you. If we can’t meet eye to eye on approach, we’ll tell you. We don’t take clients just to take clients. We work with businesses where we know we can make a difference.
  3. We are vocal proponents of white-hat SEO. We believe that audience-centric optimization is the only long-term legitimate strategy and say that every chance we get.
  4. We are working to change SEO from the inside out.
    We don’t like that our industry is peppered with bad information and short-term thinking. We will set a better example by providing measurable results gained by trustworthy and transparent strategy. We’ll make public our case studies and client testimonials to help in setting the new standard for SEO services.
  5. We share what we know.
    We know that information is power and we will share our ideas, experience and tools freely.

Anshul Gautam, Organic Search Strategist

Anshul GautamWith an eye for the big picture and a history in increasing online visibility for some of the largest brands on the internet, Anshul has focused on content marketing strategy, PPC Management and SEO for enterprise and mid-sized businesses for over 8 years. Anshul is President of Blue Finik concentrating on internet marketing, content strategy, competitive analysis and in-house SEO based in India. Anshul’s software development background lends a unique technical balance to his perspective on internet marketing, bridging gaps between marketing and development teams in order to provide an integrative, comprehensive solution to online visibility.

Anshul brings his passion for organic search marketing, analytics and content strategy to Blue Finik. Anshul has previously held roles as a Web Producer for Quinstreet, Marketing manager for Xenia consulting and Software Developer for Pace PLC, 2Wire and Kenati. 

Apart from work, Anshul loves to play table tennis, swim (butterfly stroke), dance, play guitar and read about business and technology.

You can connect with Anshul at: