Content Strategy & Marketing

A common problem with organisations working on content strategy is that they focus on design, business strategy, and technology-all but content strategy.

Engaging your audience through marketing touch points is essential for your business to succeed. By creating the rich layer of content pertaining to your audience needs, you stand apart from your competition and it gives your site a competitive advantage to focus on both natural and paid search channels. Content strategy is the art of planning the right content (articles, blogs, video, tools, wireframe, infographics etc.) to address your target audience needs in the discovery, consideration and conversion phase of acquisition cycle as well as customer retention. Content marketing is the mechanism to deliver the content to your audience across the relevant channels when they are looking for it.

Content strategy and marketing are at the heart of our SEO strategy. Based on your site goals that apply to each audience type, opportunity analysis and competitive landscape, we identify the required content to position you as an expert in your field and market this content through our integrated online marketing approach which includes SEO, Content network, PPC, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and beyond. The outcome is growth in your traffic and brand advocacy.