PPC Management Services

PPC management or Search advertising is an essential piece of marketing arsenal that works in combination with other marketing methods to effectively reach your target audience. PPC campaigns are broken down in to PPC search network campaigns (Text Ads) and PPC display network campaigns (Text, Image and Video).

While SEO helps you drive audience engagement during the awareness, research and buying phase of the sales funnel, PPC text campaigns are primarily targeted towards the buying phase of your sales funnel while PPC image and video campaigns are primarily targeted towards building brand awareness.

Blue Finik team of pay per click consultants impart professional PPC management services. Once we know your audience and marketing goals, we focus on different aspects of opportunity research and account implementation that include

Keyword Opportunity Analysis


ppc management services - whats your online opportunity

PPC Management – What’s Your Online Opportunity

Which keywords are used by your target personas to search for products and services offered by you? Which target market represents the biggest opportunities? How do you prioritize segments you wish to target? Where should you spend your marketing dollars for a good ROI? We use a data driven strategy to find answers for all such queries and fuel your business.

Search and Display Campaigns


ppc management services  - search and display network campaign

PPC Management – Search and Display Network Campaign

How do you organize your search and display campaigns? Which keywords should you use in an ad group? How do you avoid showing up for unwanted keywords that waste your budget? What will be a compelling Ad for your target audience? How to create text, image and video campaigns for display network? Our PPC consultants work with you to setup a search and display campaign to attract highly targeted and relevant audience.

Landing Page Design


ppc management services - landing page designed to convert

PPC Management – Landing Page Designed For Conversion

Does your landing page answer the searchers question? Is the searcher able to find information about your products and services? Does the searcher trust your landing page? Does your landing page load quickly? Do you have CTA, major benefits and conversion actions above the fold? We work on wireframes with content to create an experience which engages your audience further through the conversion process.

PPC Analysis


ppc analysis and actionable insights

PPC Analysis and Actionable Insights

Are your campaigns performing up to your expectations? Which ad groups have a high spend and low quality score? What is your overall impression share, CTR and quality score? How do you improve the number of impressions, CTR and quality score? Which display network sites are performing better for you and which ones are not? We configure reports and derive actionable insights to improve your campaigns for conversion.