SEO Consulting Services

Every organization wants to rank high in search engines but it usually ends up with a short term SEO strategy which has limited scope and no integration with your holistic marketing plan. A long term SEO strategy comprises of quality keyword research to identify gaps and uncover business opportunities, a unique site architecture based on your target audience, competitive intelligence to drive your SEO effort and a content strategy that adds value to your audience. Qualified traffic is a by-product of these tactics. If you are looking at SEO from long term perspective, we’re here to help.

BlueFinik’s team of SEO consultants provide professional search engine optimization services. Our SEO experts offer consulting services for different aspects of search engine optimization which include

Keyword Opportunity Analysis

SEO Consulting - Whats Your Online Opportunity

SEO – Whats Your Online Opportunity

Which keywords are used by your target personas to search for products and services offered by you? Which target market represents the biggest opportunities? How do you prioritize segments you wish to target? Where should you spend your marketing dollars for a good ROI? Blue Finik SEO Consultants use a data driven strategy to find answers for all such queries and fuel your business.

Technical SEO Audit

technical SEO audit

Technical SEO Audit

Is your site discoverable by search engines? Is your content indexed by search engines? Is your website architecture optimised for the market demand? Are your internal links optimised to pass link equity to internal pages or is your link equity being hoarded? Does your site contain duplicate content? Blue Finik SEO experts will include full technical site audits with optimised website architecture recommendations, searcher engagement and conversion, gap analysis and complex technical changes for your development teams to understand and implement.

Competitive Intelligence

SEO competitive intelligence

SEO Competitive Intelligence

Which marketing activities are your competitors utilising to attract audience? Which online assets are they using to generate higher social engagement? Which online channels are your competitors leveraging to market their content? What on site tactics are they using to retain audiences? Our SEO specialists will delve deeper in to the strategies used by your competitors to fuel your SEO strategy.

Content Strategy

seo content strategy

SEO Content Strategy

What are your audience needs? Does your content satisfy their needs? Are there any gaps? What content will meet your audience needs, encourage user engagement and meet business goals? What is the content strategy of your competitors and how do you outrank them in search? Blue Finik will device a content strategy that meets your audience needs throughout your sales funnel.

Content Marketing

Which online channels are currently used by your customers? How do you leverage these channels? Creating content is essential for your business but if it’s not discoverable by your audience then you miss the chance to provide relevant information needed by your customers. Blue Finik search engine optimization consultants will devise a plan to market your content through mediums including SEO, Content network, PPC, Facebook advertising, Linkedin and Twitter to get the best bang for your buck.