Social Media Marketing

It’s very important to know what people are talking, learn their experience, know their opinions and understand their emotions about your industrial domain in order to understand the trends and inclination of the market.  Most of the companies miss out on these check points due to lack of awareness or resource which can help them place products and services as per the market sentiments.

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others have come a long way in providing organizations the most important and accurate information pertaining to their industry geographically and demographically. Organizations can leverage these platforms for deducing their strategic marketing mix by understanding the market sentiments and also to spread their word in the relevant communities and by displaying their ads.

Our experts understand the importance of social presence and being the topic of positive discussion on social media channels.  We help our clients in setting up end to end social media marketing strategy which encompasses the following.


Every business is different, caters to different verticals, with different communities and different markets thus requires a unique strategy. We at Blue Finik put ourselves in your shoes and research all the the intricacies involved and devise the best strategy for your business to ensure market awareness and maximize returns.


It is not rocket science to understand that you have to shout to make yourself known however, it involves a little bit of science to understand where and in front of whom to shout to make business sense. We ensure that your products and services are being displayed to the relevant audience as per predefined criteria for better awareness, conversion and optimum utilization of the marketing budget.

Ads Placement

Being seen is another important aspect after shouting. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Youtube have become indispensible for organizations. Our experienced professionals will help you to be at the right place and at the right time.

Campaign Audit

Putting efforts and not expecting anything is spirituality but the same theory does not apply in the Social Media Marketing world. Here every effort has to be measured to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns, every word, every post, every blog and every advertisement has to be weighed for its effectiveness. We continuously monitor all the aspects of the social media campaigns and provide you with the synopsis and actionable insights to fuel your future campaigns.


We talk, we all talk about anything and everything, we talk about products and services, we share experiences, we suggest and we expect the change but all this is done mostly with our relatives, friends or peers. Any organization can understand its business position by simply becoming a part of this conversation or building a conversation around their offerings. On an average, a person speaks about 10,000 words a day, imagine if your business is a part of those words, how popular you would become.   At Blue Finik we help you become a part of the conversation by creating business relevant communities and promoting participation.