Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook can help you reach almost any target persona through its high level targeting attributes including gender, precise interests, connections, birthday’s, interested in, location, relationship status, languages, education, and workplace.

Your KPI can include

  • Raising your brand awareness
  • Increasing direct response conversions
  • Getting your competitors Facebook fans to like your Facebook page or your blog
  • Grow the usage of Twitter customer support channel
  • Increase the usage of your YouTube recipe videos
  • Improve community relations or investor relations or media relations,

Whatever your KPI is, we help you create, run, test and improve your Facebook Ads based on your KPI. We use the following process

Audience Analysis

What does your audience like and dislike? What is their occupation and where are they employed? Which real life groups and affiliations do they have? Which books and magazines do they love to read? Which websites do they consume? What applications do they consume? Which product categories do they like? Which software do they use personally and professionally? What do they like to do in leisure time? What are their family roles? We work with you to identify answers to these questions so as to define the target audience for different campaigns in Facebook.

Campaign and Ads Creations based on Target Segments

What should be the messaging and design of your Ad? How should you organize the campaign and ads for effective tracking? We help you to design, organize and deploy ads for each targeted segment.


Is your brand receiving the desired awareness? Are people converting based on your sales goal? Is your Facebook advertisement boosting your AdWords campaign CTR? Which AdCopy is performing and vice versa? Based on your KPI, we identify the problems and improve the performance of your Facebook marketing campaigns.