Web & Mobile Development

Your have only 7 seconds to keep your website visitors. We’re here to help you engage your visitors and convert them in to customers.

  • We help you move your prospects through the sales funnel.
  • You will work with design experts who have years of experience.
  • You’ll have improved conversion rates after we design your website.
One of the primary objectives of website development is to engage and convert your target audience on the website and differentiate your business from competitors. Your website design needs to reflect your brand and voice. It needs to be responsive so that users can access through mobile and tablets. We at Blue Finik achieve your business objectives by designing a professional website focused on engaging your target audience to communicate your brand and promote business growth. Whether you are a small business, a corporate company or eCommerce shop, we have skilled website designers and developers to help you design the website to communicate your unique brand identity and get customers. Our website and mobile development offerings include

Small Business Website Development and Design Services

First impression is the last impression. Your website has less than 10 seconds to make an impression on the prospect. Your prospect will bounce off the website if it fails to engage him resulting in loss of business. An increase in your bounce rate which is bad for SEO. A good design will help you engage your prospect further by combining core marketing message with good design elements and logical user experience. We at Blue Finik help you create an engaging and responsive web design which is accessible through laptops, tablets and mobile. We do this by

  • Developing designs which resonate with your brand
  • Deliver your value proposition concisely to evoke action
  • Develop clear call to actions to move your prospect through the sales funnel
  • Design logical website architecture for a memorable experience.

Responsive Web Development and Design

Users utilize devices such as mobiles, tablets and laptops to access your website. Users have little patience for clunky and slow websites. If your website is one of them then you are losing money on the table. Today’s users can access your website while they are walking down the broad way, traveling through trains or planes or on a holiday. You need to make sure that your websites appears across different devices while providing the right information to the customers when needed. Blue Finiks’ responsive web design and development techniques help you to craft an aesthetically pleasing design and graphics that are accessible across wide range of devices.

Custom Website Development Services

It’s important for you to have a custom web design to stand out from competition and move your prospects through the sales funnel as quickly as possible. All our designs are custom built to reflect your unique brand identity. We help you achieve your business goals by focusing on a unique design optimized for conversion. We do this by creating visually appealing designs, advanced website features, user workflows, website usability and website testing.

eCommerce Web and Mobile Development

Your customers today can access your eCommerce website through desktops, tablets and mobiles. Your eCommerce website should be developed to convert your prospects on these devices. Having a website which does not leverage the visual design effectively and does not work on a mobile can result in poor user experience and loss in sales. Blue Finik has extensive experience in design and development of high quality eCommerce websites. We focus on every visual aspect of your website to improve the user experience. The aspects we focus on include navigation, search engine optimized (SEO) website design, structure of category and sub category pages, simplicity, readability and consistency, product and specifications presentation, placement of call to action, dynamic elements, checkout process and design, and credibility elements.

Custom WordPress Website Development and Design

WordPress based websites take the least turnaround time. We help our clients with custom WordPress website design and development which stands out as compared to your competition. Our experienced designers will help you create a custom website based on your vision and mission. We use a unique approach for every website as it needs to reflect the brand identity and positioning.

SEO Web Design

Web Design and SEO have conflicting goals to be accomplished since design concerns with the aesthetics and SEO is concerned with the accessibility of your website. On a typical eCommerce website your designer might be highly interested in displaying the images to improve click through but an SEO will be concerned with the discoverability of the website since images with alt tags are not sufficient to improve the relevancy of your pages. A combination of images and content while maintaining the design elements helps in optimizing your pages. Blue Finik helps you achieve a confluence between design and SEO which improves your discoverability as well as the engagement on your website.